So many fake comments. Wow, what a new record!
1/23/2011 03:58:08 am

I love you website! You guys are so cool. I am your number one buyer!!! I show everyone your youtube. Please, oh please do a raffle!

1/31/2011 08:21:44 am

I love this website as much as I love Justin Beiber! He is so hot! Like, OMG!! Totally! Like, like, like, like, TOTALLY!! My friends say that Justin Beiber would never marry a girl like me, but their all wrong! Justin Beiber will marry me! We will have like, 100,000 children, and all their names will be Justin Beiber.

1/31/2011 08:28:31 am

my naim is billy. u speld Bieber rong. u speld it, "Beiber" thou it is rilly speld, "Bieber." u r a crayzee prsin 2 think it is speld that way. if u luv justin bieber so much, why doant u spel his naim rite? u r a sak of crayzeenis. that is ol.

2/1/2011 07:30:16 am

I can see that everyone LOVES justin beiber.

2/1/2011 07:37:31 am

I love zemees!!! I want one sooooo bad when will they be in stores? Please put them in stores!!! If any one thinks they should put Zemees in stores post some thing. I love zemees and the people who made them!!!
- Carly

2/4/2011 06:09:50 am

Hi. I am the owner of Papa Johns. I love your Zemees. I agree with Sam about the raffle. I love you guys! -Papa himself

2/9/2011 12:08:31 am

I really think your Zemees look cool. When are they coming out in stores? They look like they can be part of a really big company. How many do you have? Is that really Papa John because I thought that was kind of funny. I hope you make more Zemees!


2/9/2011 12:09:07 am

Yes. No. Yes. NO

Thank you.

2/10/2011 10:45:34 am

If you must know, I am very close to the owner's of zemees I will ask them if they could put zemees in stores.

2/11/2011 05:20:14 am

2/11/2011 05:21:12 am

hi guys I want zemees, I need to meet you, ha ha ha i hope you know who I am

3/4/2011 04:32:54 am

Hi. I am from Kallie's school in her grade. I love boats, computers, and I like to play the trumpet. I like to polish my trumpet so I can go out to the hall and kiss it. (Just Kidding.) (Not) (Sort of) Anyways, I like the Zemees. I can't go on youtube. I am prohibited.

See you at school.


4/24/2011 12:18:50 am

hey!! Have you guys heard of Rebecca black "Friday?" well her song may not be the best, but its not the worst in the world!!! People actually nominated Friday to be the worst song in the world, would u like it if you were her??? She cried when she saw all of her comments! I feel sorry for her!!! I bet you guys don't like me now... I'm just trying to say that if u have nothing nice to say to rebecca black, just don't say it at all!!!

4/27/2011 09:32:07 am

omg this is liike the best website!!!! i like that comment joshua (wink) in is very nerdy. as u may not know i am a selena gomez lover, i have all her cd's. she i s my hero. when i grow up i want to marry her and have six babies and name them selena! i have twenty two posters of he in my room every night! good day... oh yeah i forgot t tell you never come to my house and watch tv it is covered in lip stick.
P.S. I am a girl as u can see in my name above my comment!

5/4/2011 09:44:56 am

ur secret admirer (joshua)
1/7/2012 05:28:08 am

i luv u kallie ;)

2/19/2012 11:51:36 pm

I'm gonna buy all of them!

12/31/2013 06:04:26 am


11/25/2015 03:26:47 pm



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